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Ulrich Vissering The dumbest republican president of all times, real poor leadership, still all the wrong messages while ignoring the experts and they will vote for him again.

Carolyn J Combs Well heck, Fox catching up, communist Bernie is out, and Bidens wife had to help him off stage, no surprise, we have a true leader in a President, and not another Obama on apology tours for the USA and saying you need a majic wands to bring jobs back to the USA.

Death - Obituary . Death - Obituary and possible inside job to derail the economy will not work. The liberals and communist have already shown their agenda and Americans will not vote for Biden or the Communist. Landslide coming with a House with it.

Gannon Stauch Death :  Gannon Stauch Obituary, Colorado boy body found 2 months after going missing.

Layla Sigmund Death :  Layla Sigmund Obituary, North Carolina

Scott Haugen Death :  Scott Haugen Obituary, minnesota

Travis Zeck Death :  Travis Zeck Obituary, North Dakota

Vaping And Corona Virus : Coronavirus and Vaping are National Emergencies

Darren Lino Death :  Darren Lino Obituary, Illinois

Joshua Daigle Deaths / Obituaries : Joshua Daigle may have of New Brunswick passed away.

Dashiell Hammett Deaths / Obituaries : Dashiell Hammett of Northern Ireland may have passed away.

Marilyn Chapman I am so grateful to God that he is my president during all of this. I trust him totally to do his best to keep us safe. He truly cares for the people. Love him. The greatest president in my lifetime!

Shelly Baker-McFalls We are being grossly underestimated. These people have no idea just how deplorable we are.
Death - Obituary in my mind he’ll make everything right again.
He has the know how.
Death - Obituary has the drive.
He has already accomplished so many things that others said would never happen.
Best President EV-er!

Vince Makx One or more thing is sure,God,Americans and the good people around the world is with our beloved President , God mighty hands are upon him,he have mine,yours and other folks prayers,he has over came what has eaten many and gonn by God's grace overcome this tumultuous period in Jesus Christ mighty and most powerful name amen

Bill Kolek "I hope he does not let those in the press get him down. He is trying hard to give us all some light at the end of the tunnel but as Rush calls them, "the drive by media" will not let him. Today, he was told that he may may be giving out "False hope" to the American people when he was telling them that he felt good about a vaccine that was being tested."

Frank Kulakoski I knew President Trump was going to be the nominee, but I got out and voted anyway to show support for him and what a great job he’s doing. Death - Obituary ’s giving fantastic leader ship in these trying times right now and if anybody can bring our country back from this it is definitely him.

Death - Obituary and thank you for being such a great President. Death - Obituary appreciate you. No one else could have accomplished all you have through the good and bad times.

Karen Moore He works so hard for all of us and I've never seen any President have to endure the disrespect and bad-mouthing garbage he gets. Death - Obituary believe he is our president because that's where God chooses him to be right now. Imagine Bernie or Biden trying to handle this!!

Debbie Crenshaw It all boils down to this: Their team was in charge for 8 years with no positive successes. They lost the ballgame in 2016 and now our team is in. They are still at the ballpark, complaining, attacking, hating. And the Democrats want only one thing- power and control over us so they can accumulate money and prestige. It is very obvious that they think they can control our minds and think us inferior. Well, 2016 showed them 63 million of us are pretty smart. 4 more years! Death - Obituary see how Biden treats mainstreet citizens, insulting them and letting them know we are not his bosses. Wrong, Joe, again!!

Daryl Everett So depressing. I'm so thankful my parents lived on a mountain in retirement, and didn't have to linger in an old folks complex. Dad grew raspberries, chopped down poplar trees for his three bears wood stove that heated their sitting room, cleared his property, and mother tended her flowers, and fed the Hummingbirds