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Vincent Camayd You know, we watch the news channels long enough and you’ll hear the same stories over and over again and normally you get tired of hearing it but in this case while the doctors and nurses are on the front lines and they are our heroes you and the news media need to continue to preach that the best way to avoid this is not getting it in the first place while protecting those with underlying conditions and the elderly. Taking personal responsibility for our actions. The message of staying home unless absolutely necessary has to be repeated over and over again, even after the country is reopened because we all know people will hit the streets thinking it’s all clear when really it’s not. #foxnews #cnn #coronavirus2020 #corona #coronavirus #news

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Carol Lang I don’t understand why republican senators who are self-quarantined can’t vote even though they can’t be there physically. This is such crucial time and Th way need to vote.

death- obituary don't think we will see a majority of Democrats in the House or the Senate after this fiasco over the recent Bill to assist the American People. They are committing suicide on this one. Democrats should vote their conscience and not cave in to Pelosi and Schumer - have a backbone.

Peggy Dodd Tillman The Democrats are so filled with hate they wouldn't agree with the Republicans about the color of the sky, let alone a bill that would help small businesses and people who want to remain independent. Keeping a stimulus package from happening would ensure that more people become dependent on the government, and one more big step toward socialism.

Matthew Clucas The problem is both parties are doing wherever they can to make the other party look bad,how bout we make this about the American people and the US economy and not which party you represent

Joenicholas Fernandes The Devil in within the house. He will do all he can even at his end of his death. All his missions are failed. Coronavirus was his last resort. Almighty God is looking from all above. This is the time to judge the House of legislative. Mr President we know you are doing the best to save this planet. Defeat that evil and be the victorious 2020!

Sal Bisignano Unacceptable behavior from the Dems. People need to pay attention and vote out any politician that hinders this countries recovery. This is a global crisis and has the ability to affect us for years to come. This is not the time to push agendas or pet projects/interests. People need assistance now!!!

Carol Krantz Webb Republicans ( and I am one) need to put clear restrictions on corporations re $$$ received. I also heard that some GOP were trying to limit restrictions of companies putting jobs overseas.

death- obituary ’s a challenge: ASK FOX, HANNITY, ETC TO REVEAL WHAT THE REPUBLICANS ARE PROPOSING. If you trust Republican so much why aren’t you applauding what they are proposing? Or do you not know what they are proposing? I am suggesting for everybody to go to Robert Reich’s Facebook page. He is a government economist and he will outline for you exactly what the Republicans are proposing. The Republicans are spending their time bashing Democrats because Democrats want to do what’s right for the American public! GET THE DETAILS BRFORE YOU BASH DEMOCRATS. And again, why not ask Fox News including Hannity to reveal exactly what Republicans are proposing?

Roxanne Blackmer This bill has to change. Corporate greed can not, simply cannot, benefit from this. Their employees yes; but not their executives.

Rich Ingenito The hospital’s are turning away the elderly, why ? It’s a burden on Medicare/ Medicaid. Costing way too much to take care of the elders in the long run .

death- obituary is a good time for every voter to see who in Washington D.C. are working for them and who is there only to obtain their own objective.

John MacJohnson Why are they demonizing the democrats? The both parties are fighting for the best of their constituents. They're both guilty of the same offense. They should find a coming ground. death- obituary are not Einstein. They don't know it all. They're guilty as charged as well. Let them find a common ground. Geez!!!

Barbara Hopkins Harrison What we, the people, want is an end to this total nonsense of add-on's to bills that have nothing to do with the purpose of the bill. We want pure bills that help the people and none of the pork

Joseph Vandelay The Dems are once again using that catchphrase from Rahm Emanuel" "Dont let a good crisis go to waste" I hope they don't include all those BS paper highways to voter fraud in November!

Debra Sidoti Put the politics aside.. It's time for AMERICA to pull together.. Just like most American that have to stop working and getting no paycheck, The politicians should have their paychecks cuts to help save American lives. Lower all prices, not raise them.…See More

Dan Mansfield “It’s ridiculous. The terms McConnell and Mnuchin want are substantially worse than those included in the infamous 2008 bank bailout bill. The last go-round, we at least got to know where the money went. The GOP wants a blank check, to be kept secret for six months.”

Kristinn Sigridarson Mitch McConnell emerged on Sunday evening after a closed door meetings with republicans only, with a bill that would provide a lot of help for corporate executives and shareholders, and not nearly enough for American workers. It would let the Treasury …See More

Jim Valois First and foremost, let's remember that the government does not have any money of its own. Our representatives have plunged our country 23 trillion dollars into debt, all while ensuring the financial security of themselves and their families. We the people will have to pick up this debt in the end. All who pay taxes will have a day of reckoning when the dust settles.
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Richard Arthur Walmart is hurting shoppers more then helping seniors with their shopping by making hours one hour before the store even opens. Having death- obituary around employees stocking shelves.

Shannon Fiore This is nice, however, several grocers in our area started this last week and Costco is offering seniors only from 8-9 am on Tuesdays and Thursdays (the pharmacy will be open also).

Tom Amodeo So a solution is to have the elderly adjust their sleep pattern to get a chance at items in a store that may not be on the shelves and possibly gather in a crowd before entering. A lot of thought went into this. How about having the elderly submit a li…See More

Carmelo Aleman I live in South Florida and wanted to know if this virus can be transmitted by mosquitoes because since we're getting into the warmer months their population has been increasing wondering if anybody has put any thought into that

Vickie Dobbs-Rocco This is nice but most of the seniors I know..including myself..are not up and moving that early in he morning