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High Waisted Jeans for Women, It`s On!

por Cerys Old (2020-02-21)

Some time ago I thought I won`t ever wear high-waisted jeans. In high school, wearing low-rise jeans with a 1-inch crotch was the naive mode of trying to be cool. The thought of buttoning pants up to your belly button was definitely the opposite. Well, folks, the days and trends have clearly changed, more like coming back. Now, high-waisted jeans are everywhere, again. And You know what? They are not that bad, at all.

I started to use them after I took a blind shot and got a wide-leg pair a few years ago. As soon as I put them on, I noticed how insanely comfy a higher waist can be. Anyway, my new passion has led to this: rounding up all the best ones on the net in all different designs. Happy shopping!

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