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10 Steps to Groom your Dog at Home

por Tom Banton (2020-03-26)

Grooming is and should be an important part of your dog’s routine. Just like us, animals also need grooming and delays could result in not so pleasant results. While an ESA letter for housing will help you live with your dog peacefully, you will have to do efforts to keep your dog in a good and clean condition.


Below, we have discussed 10 steps through which you can groom your dog at home. Many dog owners take their canine buddies to professional groomers while many prefer doing the job at home.



  1. Gather all the grooming supplies. Before starting with the grooming, it is important that you keep all the needed material at hand. Generally, you will need a hairbrush for your dog, a toothbrush, nail clippers, good quality dog shampoo and dryer. Make a list of the items and make sure that you have everything nearby before starting. Your ESA letter proves that you’re suffering from emotional or mental disability and your emotional support animal aids to treat that disability.


  1. Groom your dog in an anti-slip place. Safety is important and this is why you should groom your dog in a well lit and firm place. Working in a dimly lit area or a place that is slippery will increase the chances of accidents. Also, do not tie your dog to control him. Stay calm and keep your dog calm.


  1. Know how to manage matted hair. Dog with matted hair is a big problem and you should know how to get rid of this problem. Instead of trying to detangle all the hair by washing and shampooing it, use cornstarch and slick brush to detangle and loosen all the hair. Letting your ESA dog sleep with you in your bed can be a lovely experience for both of you.


  1. Manage your dog’s long hair. Do you have a dog with long hair? Long-haired dogs need more grooming and care than a shorthaired dog breed. To keep your dog’s glorious tresses healthy and shining, brush them regularly and cut them after a few weeks.


  1. Keep your dog calm. Keeping Coco calm through the entire process is important and the best way of doing it is to stay calm yourself. Run your hands in your dog’s coat to calm him and to assure him that he is not alone. Take breaks in between and keep a close eye on him to see any changes. If you want to build a strong bond with your emotional support dog, eat with them.


  1. Brush Coco’s coat before bathing. Trying to wash unbrushed and tangles hair? Wrong decision. Instead, brush and detangle the hair before you start the bathing. Doing this will make the shampooing process easy and quick.


  1. Bathe your dog outside. Dogs are full of life, which means that many of them love to splash water when having their regular bathing session. Buy a sturdy and portable bathtub for Coco and place ut outside when bathing him.


  1. Allow him to dry naturally. And completely also. The wet or semi-wet coat will cause problems like ticks and fleas. To avoid it, it is important that you either let him dry naturally in the sun or use a dryer.


  1. Use a high-quality clipper for Coco’s nails. Nail trimming is a part of regular grooming. Get high-quality nail clipper or grinder to trim and manage your dog’s nails. Overgrown nails are nothing but a problem for you and your beloved canine. Take your emotional support cat for a walk regularly on different routes, explore new parts of your city or town.


  1. Clean the ears. All dogs need to get their ears cleaned but it is especially important and necessary if your dog has long and flippy ears. Use cotton balls to absorb water when bathing your dog and check the ears regularly.


Grooming is important to keep Coco healthy and happy. Therefore, make a grooming schedule and stick to it for proper hygiene and care.


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