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Australians slam Scott Morrison over limiting hairdressers to 30 mins

por Malinda Woolcock (2020-03-31)

A series of memes slamming Scott Morrison's decision to limit hairdresser visits to just 30 minutes have taken the internet by storm. 

The Prime Minister made the announcement on Tuesday night but Australians have questioned how they'll be able to have their hair done in such a short time.

Others have been left confused about how their hairdresser will be able to cut their hair all while maintaining the 1.5 metre distance. 

Many twitter users said Edwards Scissorhands was the only one fit for the job while others shared memes of people using garden hoses to wash people's hair.

A series of memes went viral after Scott Morrison announced hairdresser appointments would be limited to just 30 minutes. Many online have said Edward Scissorhands would be the only one able to do the job

Another said their hairdresser would have to use a hose to wash her hair posting a photo of Chris Hemsworth 

Many started saying the only hairdresser fit for the job was the movie character Edward Scissorhands

Another woman questioned if any female had ever had their hair done in less than half an hour

'The only Hairdresser capable of cutting hair and still keep 1.5m away,' someone tweeted along with a picture of Johnny Depp's character.   

'Has any female ever had their hair done at a hairdresser in less than 30 minutes?' another said. 





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During his announcement, Mr Morrison said there would also be restrictions on how many people were allowed inside the hair salon.

'Hair dressers and barber shops can continue their services, but it is very important to strictly manage the social distancing and limitations of the number of people in their premises, so that's four square metres per person,' Mr Morrison said.

'On top of that, to restrict the amount of time a patron is in the premise to no more than 30 minutes. And preferably less.' 

But Australians were quick to question how this would work.

One meme showed a hairdresser using a hairdryer that had been attached to the end of a pole. 

Another joked they would be forced to let their hair grow out after beauty salons shut down. 

'I'll be out in 30 minutes says no woman ever,' wrote another on Twitter 

Another meme showed a hairdresser using a pole with a hairdryer attached at the end

One person shared a video of Mr Tickle saying hairdressers will need long arms like the character so they don't break social distancing rules

One woman joked she was going to be covered in hair due to beauty salons closing amid coronavirus 

Australian women also said they believed the decision seemed to favour men. 

'Seems that the new hairdresser rules favour men. I don't know any woman that's gotten in and out of a hair appointment in less than 30 minutes,' someone tweeted.

'Really? 30 minutes at the hairdresser? Clearly decision made by middle aged men who for for a trim every three weeks. Takes an hour just to wash and blowdry my mane,' another women said.

'Help wanted - Does anyone know a hairdresser with 1.5m long arms who can do a cut and colour in 30 minutes?' someone said.

'Did a group of half bald men just think that 30 minutes per appointment was the equivalent of hair dressing social distancing?' another tweeted.  

One Australian woman questioned how she would be able to have her hair done in 30 minutes, adding the decision was made for men