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3 years on, I'm still recovering from Breath of the Wild

por Brandi Pomeroy (2020-04-02)

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It's been three long years since The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild rewired the connections inside my brain.

It messed me up. In some ways you might say it ruined video games. Other video games.

Sure, in the time since its release I've played other games, download diskonqq apk I might have even enjoyed some of those games. But every single one of them have been filtered through the earth-shattering prism that is Nintendo's Breath of the Wild. And trust me, it's not a flattering light.

It's no one's fault, really.


Movies to music, toys to technology, entertain your brain.

It's not God of War's fault that it's not Breath of the Wild. It's not Spider-Man's fault that it's not Breath of the Wild. I spent a good 10 hours playing Red Dead Redemption 2, hoping it was Breath of the Wild, then eventually gave up. No one's fault.

Sorry, other video games. You tried, but you weren't Breath of the Wild.

During the past three years, I've been trying my best to recover from Breath of the Wild. Trying to reframe my expectations. Trying my level best to remember that other games aren't Breath of the Wild. That in this world they often can't be Breath of the Wild. That, in a few rare cases, they shouldn't be Breath of the Wild.