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Former MP Frank Field urges Boris Johnson to make cannabis available

por Robert Bynum (2020-04-04)

Former MP and Labour veteran Frank Field has urged Boris Johnson to make cannabis available on the NHS after revealing his £2,200 private prescription has eased his 'crippling' back pain.

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Medicinal cannabis was legalised in 2018 but only made available through a handful of hard-to-come-by NHS prescriptions. Legislation to make it more available is currently navigating its way through parliament.

The 77-year-old used CBD drug Bedrolite in December after a painful disc left him bedbound

Calling on Boris Johnson to meet with him to discuss making the drug available, Mr Field told The Mirror: 'I never thought that when I was campaigning for young children to get access to the drug to change their lives that I'd end up needing it myself so badly.

'I want GPs to feel they are supported to make prescriptions.'





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Explaining how he got Bedrolite, which contains 0.1 per cent THC, he said: 'I was introduced to a doctor who can prescribe medicinal cannabis.

'I took the prescription to Bots, who handed it back to me like I handed them something dirty. It was held at the very corners and they said, "You'll have to go to a private chemist".'

He has called on Boris Johnson to arrange a meeting with him to discuss the 'wonder drug'

Cannabis was made available after it emerged the drug could treat conditions including epilepsy.

Since then, however, few doctors have prescribed it - forcing many parents to seek private prescriptions at crippling cost.

Some parents have even sold their homes in order to raise enough for £2,000-a-month cannabis costs.

Last month, parents descended on Number 10 to call on the prime minister to make cannabis more widely available.

Mother Elaine Levy sad she had to sell her home to keep 26-year-old daughter Fallon stable and happy, reports The Sun.

Frank Field has joined campaigners calling for the drug to be made available on the NHS

'I can't let her go back to how she was,' she said, 'but I've had to sell my home as I can't afford this anymore.

'It costs me £2,000-a-month, and it works for her - my daughter is more important.'

She said other drugs had turned her daughter into a 'human zombie'.

Campaigners have repeatedly called for the government to make CBD available on the NHS. 


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