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When is a good time to get an apartment of your own

por Carolyn Nutt (2020-02-07)

when you feel like you are ready to live on your own and when you can come up with all the money

What is good about renting a apartment?
its ur own place

Can you get an apartment at 18 without a co-signer?
Each apartment complex has its own rules. Generally, if it is your first apartment, you will need a co-signer for the period of the first lease. After that, you should be able to do it on your own, provided that you have always paid the rent on time.

If you are 16 and has no where else to go cant you get your own apartment?
By my studies, you can not own an apartment at the age of 16. But when you turn 21 is when you can own an apartment...

Can you own an apartment?
Yes, you can own an apartment. When an apartment is owned by an individual, it's called a condominium (condo). The building or apartment must be designated for individual sale, you can't purchase just any apartment in any apartment building.

Whats the difference between a condo and an apartment?
Always, you can own a condominium. And some condominiums are called apartments. You cannot always own an apartment. When you cannot own an apartment, it is not a condominium.

How old do you have to be rent out an apartment?
you can be 16 to rent an apartment because my friend is 16 and she has her own apartment and her ex boyfriend's brother has an apartment at 16

I want an apartment in San Diego. Is there any website that makes it easy to find good apartment and save my time?
website has a good collection of apartments in San Diego.

What is self catering apartment?
A self-catering apartment is a place in which you live where you are free to operate on your own. You have the liberty to use the kitchen how you please, spend your leisure time how you desire, and clean and arrange things the way you like.

What is the verb in this sentence 'An apartment has its own kitchen living room and bathroom'?
In the sentence "An apartment has its own kitchen living room and bathroom" the verb is "has."

What are the ratings and certificates for Apartment Rent at Your Own Risk - 2010?
Apartment Rent at Your Own Risk - 2010 is rated/received certificates of: India:A Singapore:PG

Can an 18 year rent their own an Apartment in Oklahoma?
Yes, but not very many places will accept you without having had your own apartment previously- still, it can be done.

I pass the background check for the low income apartments Now I have to bring in proof of income How long will it be until I get the apartment?
There is a good chance that you did the apartment. Most of the time they ask for income proof to put on file.

Do you have to have apartment life to be a witch in Sims 2?
Yes. I own every expansion pack for the sims 2 (pc), and you have to own apartment life to get a witch. To make a sim into a witch, you must first make a relationsship with a witch and then ask them to teach you the "path of light" or the "path of darkness" (depending on what witch you make friends with (good or evil) and whether you want to be evil (my preference he...

How old do you have to be to live in your own apartment?
you have to be 18

Is spark city world a good website?
yes i would say it is a good website. yes u can chat but u can't swear say anything mean or share personal information.great games and u can own a apartment of your own. I personally love spark world

What is the difference between cottage and apartment?
A cottage is its own stature while apartment is a stature but it has other people of residence in it.

Are Burmese cats good apartment pets?
Yes, Burmese cats are very good apartment pets. The cats are indoor animals.

What kind of liability insurance is available to private individuals not professional who conduct their own renovations in a co-op apartment?
Contact a good agent in your area, they will be able to advise you.

Why is a corner TV console good for a small apartment?
A corner TV console is good for a small apartment as it is smaller than a normal TV console, and allows you better to utilize the limited space in a small apartment.

What do you do on Sims apartment life?
On the sims 2 apartment life you can meet people and have your own apartment.You can also become a witch/worlock on it to.

What is the average cost of a phone bill for a one bedroom apartment?
The size of an apartment is not a good yardstick to determine how much to expect to pay as phone charges. The time spent on the phone and the destinations called are the main determinants of the price people pay.

Life in an apartment summary written by Patricia S Torres?
Life in an Apartment is a very simple story of a couple who suddenly rented out their own house and moved into a rented apartment. In the course of their three-month stay, the wife sees and experience for the first time how apartment-dwellings could be ir ritable, yet so vivid in portraying the ordinary and everyday lives of people you don't know. (By Feddie M. Franco)

Are LaPerms good apartment pets?
The LaPerm breed will do well in an apartment, but they do enjoy hunting outdoors.

Does dish work in an apartment?
They definitely could if it was your own tv

If a new resident at an apartment building falls near an entrance and is injured does the apartment owners liability insurance cover expenses or is this considered your own home with no liability?
It really depends where one fell. If it was in your own apartment, that would be your problem. If you slipped & fell on their sidewalk or tripped in a pothole on the common grounds, you could file a claim against the apartment owners general liability.

How can your neighbor adjust the outlet voltages in your apt?
Your neighbour should not be able to do anything to your voltages in your apartment. That said if your apartment is not a legal apartment in an apartment building then someone else might be on the same circuits as you use. Legal apartments have their own distribution panel which only serve the apartment that the tenant lives in.

Does freshmen have to live on campus at Georgia State University?
Well, you can live in an apartment. But it costs way more! It's best to live in your own apartment because you can have your own space. Freshmen are not required to live on campus.

What is the difference between an apartment and a condominium?
You rent an apartment fom someone who owns the whole building, you own a condominium, or rent it from someone else who does.

Are mini goldendoodles good for first time dog owners that live in an apartment and have timid and shy kids?
yes because they are sweet ,playful, and cuddly.

How do you set rent on the Sims2 Apartment Life?
You have to own the building you on renting out then press the door of each apartment you are renting and then you can set the price of the rent you wish.....

Need suggestions have an option of owning a Labrador or a German shepherd in an apartment. Highly confused?
I really do not think it is a good idea to have a large breed dog in an apartment. They need room to run and play, so unless you have time and a place to take the dog to do just that I don't agree with having one in an apartment. They are very active animals.

Can a 17-year-old get his or her own apartment?
no they have to be an adult

Is your place in your own apartment?
If you live in one. If not it's wherever you do live.

What does it mean when you dream about having your own apartment?
start all over

New York City Co-op apartment by laws?
There may be no strict standard -- every co-op develops its own By-laws for operating the business over time.

Where did God plant his garden?
People say in his backyard, however; it is a little known fact that God had rented an apartment at the time and did not have access to his own plot of land. As a result, he kept it in his window.

I live in apartment and i wana buy parote can talk what parot is good for me?
If you live in an apartment and want to buy a parrot that can talk, one that may be good for you would be a parrotlet.

Are British Shorthair cats good apartment pets?
British Shorthair can be good pets for those living in apartment so long as there plenty of things for 소액결제 현금화 the cat to play with and do.

Is it true that when your in foster care when you turn 18 they will put you in your own apartment?
I would think that when you turn 18 you would be able to move out of the foster home and like a regular adult you would have to pay for you're own apartment rent.

Rental of a apartment confirm ownership of deed of house?
When an apartment is rented, the renter must usually show proof of income and credit. When someone wants to rent an apartment or house, they must first show that they own the property.

Can a US citizen married to a Chinese citizen travel to China with her without getting a Visa every time?
NO. As aUS Citizen, youmust always get a Chinese VISA. If you own property( ie.. Apartment) and have the paperwork to prove it you can get a Multiple Entry Visa Good for 2 years. (Which now is the same cost as a single entry ... $130)

Is it legal to rent out an apartment without a contract For example after showing an apartment the tenant wants the apartment but will not sign a contract but will provide id?
It's legal - it might not be a good idea.

Can an apartment complex withhold your mail?
An apartment complex cannot withhold your mail unless you have asked them to. You should contact the prosecutor in your county to have this resolved if you cannot do it on your own.

What is the legal age to own an apartment?
A person who is 18 years and older can rent or purchase an apartment. The person will need to show ID and also proof of income.

Who is apartment Heath Ledger died?
Heath Ledger died in his own penthouse.

If you live in an apartment which of these tips can you implement on your own?
(for A+ program) all answers correct

Who do you call to build apartment complexes on the land you already own?
Zoning commission.

Where can one find good apartments in Edinburgh?
There are a number of good apartment buildings where one can find an apartment for rent in Edinburgh including Carlton Hill, Royal Mile, Dunstaffnage House.

What does Cody Simpson do in his own time?
He likes to swim and he is very good at it.

What are the compare and the contrast on house and apartment?
Many times people that live in houses own them. This helps them build their net worth. With an apartment, the inhabitants are simply paying rent.

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