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Top 05 Spy Tools For Facebook You Need To Have A Look At

por Coy Helmer (2020-02-12)

The first thing any company wishes to understand when it comes to any competition is whether their competitors are using any strategy or not! And if they are using it, then how well they are using it!

And the same goes with when you are advertising on Facebook. You want to know about the Facebook ad strategy of your competitor's. But you are not able to watch them in your news feed.

Don't worry! As there are a lot of ways with the help of which you can get to know what your competitors are doing without any problem. Here we are going to have a brief discussion on some of the important spy tools for Facebook ads, which you can use!


Whatever sector you are in, AdEspresso's tool presents you with other different ads in the same place. Today, most of the industries are using this tool for managing their ads on Facebook, and to spy on their competitor's ads. Here, I can list some of the pros and cons of using AdEspresso!


To take inspiration from more than 25 sectors.

It helps you to watch engagement for all ads.

Filter FB advertisements by positioning, sector, goal, and attribute.

First of all, you will have to turn off AdBlock to see the ads.


Well, PowerAdSpy is said to be one of the best ads spy tool for Facebook. This is so because, it enables you to see the age, geography, and, interests of your competitors' target audience.

Whatever type of business you own, PowerAdSpy is here to help you out in the best manner.


More than 6 million advertisements from more than 15 nations.

Visit the current live Facebook ad from the dashboard of PowerAdSpy.

View keyword, advertiser, place, etc. Facebook advertisements for rivals.

You will find a lot of missing features in the basic version.


Adsova has over 500,000 advertisements in an enormous database. Now that it provides a competitive advantage as you understand the strengths of other advertisers. Adsova does not give a free version, unfortunately! But all plans come with a $1 trial.


It upgrades its information database with the latest ads, 파워볼사이트 every day.

The database amalgamates visual ads and text.

No free demo to give you a glimpse of how the tools work.


If you are creating copies or images for Facebook advertisements, then you will have to depend on successful parts out there. Every creative enthusiast keeps a swipe file. You haven't got one? has an excellent example library. And it has classified as the Modern or Classic 481 ad inspiration.


Different niches from which to collect ideas.

Briefly describes to you what makes an ad effectual.

If it is not available in the current collection, you can request a specific ad.

There is a total of 04 actual Facebook ads only.

AdSwiper's Facebook Ad Spy Tool.

AdSwiper promises to save you a great deal of time and money on testing advertisements.

By checking what already works, what better way to do this? This tool comes in a version that is free and paid.

The free choice only shows you your competitor's ads that are in your news feed!


Use various filters to search competitor ads - keywords, page name, word count, and more.

Create your favorite ads folder.

See "Top Ads" (by likes, video opinions, remarks, etc.) are presently performing well.

You will not get to learn from a lot of ads if you are using the free version.
Final Thought
So you got it there. Top 05 spy tools for spying your competitor's Facebook ads! We have discussed a lot of things, the pros and cons of each tool, and hopefully, now you can choose the right ad spy tool for your business.

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