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Who did the Korean Allies Defeat in the Korean War? -

por Rodrigo Duppstadt (2020-02-15)

the enemies of the Korean allies were North Korea and China. There was no 'defeat' in the Korean war, rather, it was a DRAW, no winner......................

Who were the Allies of the US in the Korean War?
see website: Korean War for the list.

What allies took part in the Korean War?
See list on website: Korean War

Who were the allies in the Korean War?
Several communist countries, such as China and the USSR, allied in the Korean War.

Who were the allies of South Korea during the Korean War?
The U.S. were allies and maybe Britain, too.

How did the defeat of German allies in World War 1 allow the allies to win the war?
The German Allies surrenedered because they want peace, and then the allies killed them all.

Who were the south's allies in the Korean War?
The UN (United Nations).

When did the Allies defeat the Nazis?
in world war 2

Why did china interven in the Korean war?
Allies advanced too far to their border.

What were the implications of the Korean War?
The Korean War was the FIRST test of communist aggression. The communists learned that the US and it's allies WOULD FIGHT to contain communism.

What was the main goal of the allies in world war 1 after us entered the war?
To defeat the Germans .

What nations was allies of north Korea before and during the Korea war?
China and the Soviet Union were two nations that were allies of North Korea before the Korean war. Both nations remained allies even after the war in Korea.

What were the Result's from the Korean War?
Communist defeat. Communists failed to conquer ROK.

Who were the US allies during the Korean war?
south Korea, united nations, Australia

Who did the Allies want to defeat in World War 2?
The Allies were on the opposing side of the Axis powers (Germany, Italy, and Japan.)

Who was the Pacific commander during world war 2 who was removed in the Korean war?
A: General McArthur, on the Allies side.

What did the US have to do when World War 1 began?
Defend its Allies and Defeat Germany

What did the Allies try to achieve in world war 1?
The defeat of the Triple Entendre.

Why did the allies wanted to defeat Germany during World War 2?
The Allies sought to liberate Europe from the Nazis and restore order .

Which nations fought in Korean war?
Un and allies plus South Korea VS North Korea, China,and Russia for more info go to and type in Korean War

Did the US help in resolving the Korean war?
The US/Allies fought the communists to a stand still.

What was the outcome of the Korean War for the United States?
The US/Allies had stopped the communists at the 38th Parallel.

Who were the US allies in Korean War?
UK, Turkey, Australia, South Korea had the most troops

What word describes the end of the Vietnam war?
From the communists: Victory From the US/Allies: Defeat

Did the US fight Hitler to defeat England?
No they helped the allies after they joined the war in 1941

What was the war strategy of the us and its allies for Europe?
To defeat Germany first then fight Japan

How did the allies defeat the central powers?
The Allies defeated the Central Powers by involving the US in the war on their side. This gave them a great increase in numbers.

That the Korean war was a civil war in which the United states supoorted one side or an international war?
It was truly a civil war, although both sides had allies.

What did MacArthur want to do to win the Korean war?
open a full scale war against north korea and its allies like china

What nations were allies of North Korea before and during the Korean War?
communist china and soviet union

How did General MacArthur misjudge the Chinese during the Korean War?
He thought they would be easy to defeat, but they were not.

What was the outcome or the Korean war?
Communist defeat. They failed to conquer the Republic of South Korea (ROK).

When did allies defeat Germany in World War 2?
8/9 May 1945 in Europe

What did the Allies do in World War 2?
They banded together and committed themselves to the unconditional defeat of the Axis.

The Peloponnesian War ended with the defeat of who?
Athens and its empire by Sparta and its allies, with financial support from Persia.

Why did the U.S entered the war against Germany?
Because, they were helping the allies to defeat Nazi Germany

What strategy did the allies use to defeat japan in world war 2?
The U.S used atomic bombs on the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki to defeat Japan.

Why were the allies able to defeat the axis powers in Europe?
The Allies were able to defeat the Axis in World War II for many reasons. These included the Allies out-supplying and out-lasting Germany at the Invasion of Normandy, and the US was well prepared for the Battle of Midway and Japan never recovered from that loss.

What was the major objective of the Western Allies following World War 2?
They wanted to defeat Europe by invasion.

How did the Allies defeat the Central Powers in World War 1?
America invented and used the atomic bomb.

What does the World War 2 honor?
it honors war crimes by the allies, bombing of hamburg, dresden, hiroshima and nagasaki, cowardness of the western allies who relied on russian menpower, led by stalin,, to defeat hitler.

What is meant by 'Cold War'?
The Cold War was a war of ideologies, as are most wars, but there was no combat involved. The Cold War was between the USA and her allies and the USSR and her allies. Began in 1945 when neither superpower needed the other to defeat Nazi Germany and Facism.

What role did the UN have in the Korean War?
The UN served as ALLIES and sent troops to Korea to fight against communist aggression.

What was the role of the Allies in World War 2?
the alies were everybody who fought the axis, there role was to defeat their terany, OF COURSE!!!!!!!!!!!!

What was the reason for the allies to fight in world war 2?
The reason was to defeat the rise of Nazi power across Europe

Which allies defeated Hitler?
How were the allies able to defeat hitler

Three consequences of world war 1?
World War 1 united the allies in a common cause. It also led to the humiliation and defeat of Germany.

Why was the defeat of Germany the Allies top priority?
The defeat of Germany was the top priority of the Allies because it was believed that Germany's defeat would assure the defeat of Italy and Japan. The defeat of Italy or Japan would not necessarily assure the defeat of Germany.

What are the highlights and lowlight of the conflict in the Korean war?
The highlight was when the US/Allies pushed the North Koreans up to the Red Chinese border. The bad part was when Red China entered the war, and pushed the US/Allies back down again.

Which countries were in the Allies in the Korean War?
Answer: North Korea: USSR (Russia) and China South Korea: U.S.A, United Nations, Australia

How does china get along with North Korea?
During the Korean War, North Korea and China were allies, but currently they have problems with each other.

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