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What is Robert Pattinson's twitter

por Rosaline Pimentel (2020-02-22)

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What is Robert Pattinsons twitter name?
he dont have one

What is Robert Pattinsons official Facebook?
He doesn't have a Facebook, twitter, 벳이스트미니게임 myspace, bebo etc.

What is Robert Pattinsons real twitter account?
Robert pattinson doesn't have a twitter account, or any other type of account for that matter. fans are warned that anyone claiming to be Robert pattinson is a fake.

What is Robert Pattinsons interests?
Kate and Naomi!! we are Robert pattinsons interests!!

Robert Pattinsons favorite name?
Robert Pattinsons favorite name is:BARBIE

Is Robert Pattinsons favorite book twilight?
Robert Pattinsons favourite book is not twilight it is breaking dawn.

What is Robert Pattinsons full name?
Robert Pattinsons full name is Robert Thomas Pattinson and that's the truth! I should know!

What is rob pattinsons favorite number?
Robert pattinsons favorite number is lucky number 7

Robert Pattinsons religion?
Robert Pattison believes in vampires

What is Robert Pattinsons fav letter?
R and P (Robert Pattinson)

How old is Robert Pattinson's mother?
Robert pattinsons mother is 49

What is the coulor of Robert Pattinsons eyes?
Robert Pattinson's eyes are blue

Who is Niki reed?
Robert pattinsons ex

What is Robert Pattinsons dream job?
To be a pianist.

Who is Robert Pattinsons mother?
Claire Pattinson. =)

Who is Robert Pattinsons girlfiend?
He is still single

Who is robert pattinsons girlfriend?
Kristen Stewart

Who is Robert Pattinsons valentine?
Serena Munday

Who is Robert Pattinsons crush?
Bella from Twilight

Who is Robert Pattinsons mum?
Clare Pattinson.

Robert Pattinsons full name?
Robert thomas pattinson 3 3

What is Robert Pattinsons dads name?
Robert Pattinson's dad's name is Richard.

Robert Pattinsons family members names?
Robert, Clare, Lizzy and Victoria.

Does Robert Pattinsons have any tattos?
no, and no piercings either

How old is Robert Pattinsons mom?
Clare Pattinson

How old are Robert Pattinsons parents?
His Father is 64

Robert Pattinsons Bebo page?
He doesn't have one

What is Robert Pattinsons birhtday?
his birthday is May 13,1986

What is Robert Pattinsons favorite band?
Van Morrison

Robert Pattinsons favorite band?
Van Morrison

Who is Robert Pattinsons best friend?
Kristen Stewart

What is Robert Pattinsons sisters name?
Lizzie and Victoria

What are Robert Pattinsons talents?
Acting, modelling and music :)

What is Robert Pattinsons favorite name?
Spunk Ransom

What are Robert Pattinsons sisters names?
Elizabeth and Victoria

What is Robert Pattinsons favourite game?
Scrabble in French

What are Robert Pattinsons interests?
He loves to play the guitar.

What is Robert Pattinsons worst habbit?
stroking his hair

Robert Pattinsons favourite animal?
The tiger I think.

Robert Pattinsons eye color'?
greenish blue

What is the name of Robert Pattinsons hairstyle?
vaccuumed Elvis ;)

What is Robert pattinsons favorite boy name?

Who was Robert Pattinsons parents?
Richard and Clare Pattinson

What is Robert Pattinsons sisterts names?
Victoria and Elizabeth.

How do you get Robert Pattinsons jawline?
opt for plastic surgery

What is Robert Pattinsons exact address?
Tbh, I don't think this is very fair you asking for his address like this .. I do have his address and i don't want to be the one to give it out to you so go onto and type in Robert pattinsons address and then it will tell you on there x Ok for anyone who wants it search up "what is Robert pattinsons email address" and you can get them both.

Who is Robert Pattinsons wife?
Robert Pattinson Doesnt Have a wife. And if he did it wouldn't be a 11yr old girl. Hes no Pedophile.3 Robert Pattinsons Biggest Fan in this world Ashleigh Maree Mary-Jane Atkins-Pattinson xx

Robert Pattinson's birthday?
Robert pattinsons birthday is may 13,and he was born in 1986

What is Robert pattinsons favorite drink?
Robert Pattinson's favorite drink is pink lemonade

What colour are Robert green eyes?
Robert pattinsons eyes are bluey greyish (and dreamy)

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