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As Boeing CEO is fired, it's unclear when the 737 Max will fly again

por Stacey Barger (2020-03-04)

Regina Freeman "The biggest thing that led to me going to prison was I tried to make money and get my family out of the 'hood and do something better for them," he said. "I was working a job. I was selling drugs. I was busy. I was always busy."

How do IoT and Big Data Impact Each Other?For color work, however, Nvidia just made your old GeForce card a little more useful: As of version 431.70 (released July 29), the Studio branch of its drivers opened up true 30-bit color support for Photoshop and other Adobe applications. So no more shelling out megabucks for a Quadro workstation card just for the extra bits.

Calculating the hours and dollars spent by people trying to recover from the shameful negligence of some of these companies would be nearly impossible. Predicting future costs would be almost unimaginable. Some would say that in the face of this rising tide of breaches, the onus is on each of us to keep a watchful eye on our own data. The truth is, until a suite of industry-shaping federal reforms and regulations slap some accountability into US data brokerages and communications companies while miraculously rolling back government mass-surveillance programs, keeping one's data trail clean is about as likely to save you from being part of a mega-breach as recycling your coffee cup is to stop climate change.  

The following factoids hint at a possible motive behind Lady Trieu's actions. There was the theory that she was the daughter of The Comedian. In a scene from the comics, The Comedian, who was fighting in Vietnam, was confronted by a local woman he got pregnant. He blew her off, she slashed his face, and he shot her. The article goes on to say that Blake was the father of several children in Vietnam, so she could be seeking some sort of revenge against the US. This is also implied, as the reporter asked whether she was a supporter of the Vietnamese Liberation Front, a group that wanted to reclaim the country from the US. She denied any ties, but her taking the name of a Vietnamese hero who fought off an invasion does give this idea some weight. 

Staying connected
Photo Patch lets kids write letters and upload photos. An algorithm checks for content screeners might not like -- profanity, for example, or a hand gesture that looks like a gang sign. The organization handles everything else. It's free and available on Android and iOS. 

Week 6
Memo: What Has One Eye and Loves Evil Plans? -- Special Agent Laurie Blake has a memo of her own for this week. She recaps what happened in episode 6, NEXT001 because according to her, Angela "Sister Night" Abar was muttering during her Nostalgia trip. Blake goes on to describe the Klan spinoff group called Cyclops that Will Reed was dealing with back in the '30s. She explains that the group was responsible for creating mind-control technology, and she believes the group is related to the Seventh Kavalry.  

The result was a spike in vaping, especially among teens and young adults, a segment of the population that, until then, had been using fewer tobacco products, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. In 2016, the Food and Drug Administration finalized a rule extending its authority to regulate all tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, the repercussions of which are still playing out today.

The other big factor here is the free trial period. The industry standard is around 14 days, but some go up to a month, and others don't have a trial period but will give you your money back within 30 days if you're not happy.  

But the new position of the engines changed how the aircraft handled in the air, creating the potential for the nose to pitch up during flight. A pitched nose is a problem in flight -- raise it too high and an aircraft can stall. To keep the nose in trim, Boeing designed software called the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System, or MCAS. When a sensor on the fuselage detects that the nose is too high, MCAS automatically pushes the nose down. (For background on MCAS, read these in-depth stories from The Air Current and The Seattle Times.) 

Apple/Screenshot by Shelby Brown/CNET Stealth game fans might like this game. In Operator 41, you must reach a telephone to call headquarters. The catch? There are vigilant guards patrolling the grounds that you must distract, sneak by or knock out. Strategy is key.

How much does an average data breach cost an organization? According to IBM's latest numbers, the tab can run up to $3.92 million after investigation expenses, damage control, repairs, lawsuits and fines. That's up 12% over five years, with no signs of slowing.

The company announced the seventh season of The Clone Wars over the summer and a Rogue One prequel series focusing on rebel spy Cassian Andor in 2018. And Ewan McGregor will return as Obi-Wan Kenobi in a brand new show, set to start shooting in 2020.

Clipping: White Flight to Mars -- This article comes from the ultra-conservative New Frontiersman. Written by Hector Godfrey, the piece lays out the US political climate in the Watchmen universe. The writer talks about how President Robert Redford is appointing another liberal judge to the Supreme Court and makes note that Redford, who has been in office for 28 years, says he will not seek reelection. He then goes on to mock the reparations case argued by Johnnie Cochran (see week 2's legal brief). Godfrey goes on to pray to the "other" god, meaning Dr. Manhattan, and puts up the idea that like-minded individuals should move to Mars to rebuild America.