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Elearning online from Apple iTunes

por Adam Capps (2020-03-24)

The inventors of apple are now thinking beyond from the computers to music industry, ebooks and elearning. iTunes is the companies new platform for launching fresh contents to the customers of iPhone, iPod. iPad has an unique learning system that are available to the public at free of cost.

Apple have now collaborated with the Ivy League schools and universities to provide free courses through the iTunes U sites. The leading ones in this list are Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Yale, Stanford, UC Berkeley, Cambridge, Harvard, and Princeton.

Top universities around the globe have appreciated the quality of the program from the beginning itself. Shortly after the launch of iTunes U sites, HEC Paris chiped in with apple as an experiment and provided the iPod Touches to fresh MBA students. This made easy for the students as the lectures were recorded and uploaded to the iTunes U site where itcan be downloaded. The experiment was a huge success. Extravagant questions could be avoided to the lecturers and the performance of the students in the presentations was improved a lot as they can view their performances on the iPod

Together with the universities,others like Libraries, museums, traditional and alternative media enjoyed the benefits and advantages of iTunes U. The site also included pd files, films, video clips, audio books, presentations, and other course materials. The contents have been grouped to 13 sections as :

Mathematics, Science, Social Science, Society, and Teaching ,Business, Engineering, Fine Arts, Health and Medicine, History, Humanities, Language,Literature and Education.

Thousands of course materials are available to the students. For the exclusive internal contents of the site students are provided with a password to open from the Middle East University's virtual academic community. Those students who are interested in Elearning can have access to the site at anytime. All you have to do is download the iTunes software for free and register in your profile and be prepared to download the contents provided on your apple device.

Podcasts and video casts are the main features of iTunes and include all the subjects for free with best quality and reliability of the contents. More than 600 universities are reported in participating in this phenomena and enjoying more than 250,000 lectures available for download.

iTunes meets the standards in online Elearning as it is user friendly and have a wide number of references.