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Beauty salon in Hoi An

por Ada Woodbury (2020-04-05)

ideas-para-decoracion-de-esteticas-beautWith extremely reasonable costs, cheap prices and countless suitable options, you can be assured of our quality. You can go to our beauty salon in Hoi An for beauty
Free car for pick-up and drop-off at your hotel in Hoi An, Very convenient for guests staying in Hoi An.
Our Hair salon in Hoi An at center of waxing hoi an An ancient town, which is convenient for you to beautify, then you can walk in the most charming old town, everyone must look up
In the 80s Thanh Mai was best beauty salon in Hoi An was established, until now more than 30 years of professional experience. Professional staff, dedicated in the profession. You will certainly be satisfied with our salon!
With an extremely luxurious but warm interior layout, you will feel no stranger and at home. Air conditioning throughout all rooms. Thanh Mai Beauty Salon Hoi An will bring a gentle, melodious feeling
When you travel to Hoi An, your hair is very heavy due to dirt. Make you lose confidence, uncomfortable. You can go to the shampoo shop for us to wash your hair for you, shampoo Hoi An shop uses shampoos from famous brands in the world so you can be assured of the quality, in addition, you are massaged Gentle face to reduce dirt on face. Unlike other hair salons, our hair salon in Hoi An follows a standard procedure to keep your hair soft and smooth.
Refresh yourself with stylish hairstyles, in line with current trends. Make yourself more beautiful. You can choose services such as haircut, hair dyeing, hair straightening, hair treatment, hair curling, shampooing, makeup ... at best beauty salon Hoi An
Thanh Mai Hoi An is specialized in spraying tattooing of Lip - Eyebrow - Eyelid according to the most advanced technology available today, bringing very natural results, beautiful color, painless swelling, non-invasive. Our advantages are time-saving, effortless, improving eyebrow shape, up color evenly. Natural pink bait, plump. Big round eyes, attractive. Create accents for the face, youthful and funny. Beauty tattoo salons in Hoi An are committed to bringing the best experience for you
Many positive feedback from the most discerning guests also feel satisfied our hair salon in Hoi An, you should try to experience it great!