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What is Wikipedia page writing – how to write an article on Wikipedia?

por Nettie Roberson Roberson (2019-11-06)

Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia that anyone can edit. Undoubtedly, it is one of the most reputable sites for Google. You probably noticed that very often Wikipedia pages are in the first places in the search results.

A short guidance to write a Wikipedia article

Check if a Wikipedia Page Writing has already been created on a topic that you want to tell the world about. When searching for articles, use synonyms, drive topics that are similar in meaning to the search bar. However, if the exact same or similar article was found, do not be discouraged. You can supplement the existing one or when writing your article, give a link to the found as a more general or related concept.

To write a Wikipedia article, type in its name in the search. After the system offers you notes where the combination of words you have entered appears, you will see the “Create Page” link above. Your name will be indicated in parentheses. Follow the link provided.

You will see the “Editing” tab, where you should enter the text of your note.

A Wikipedia article should begin with a brief introduction. If you were struck by the idea of writing an article while you were reading information related to your topic, remember that Wikipedia users can access your page from anywhere. Give the reader all the information you need on your own.

The keyword or heading term should be highlighted in bold. Put emphasis on all uncommon words. Also, emphasis should be placed in words that the user can read in two ways.

Use the preview button periodically to make sure all information is displayed correctly.

If you are satisfied with the appearance of the article and its contents, click the "Write Page" button to save the information you entered. Now the wiki article is saved on the server.