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Easy methods of creating pages on Wikipedia

por create a wiki (2020-02-04)


Creating Wikipedia pages is a necessity for many people these days. Business organizations need it to create awareness amongst their target audiences and engage them and an average person requires it for the collection of information or for research purposes and educational/academic purposes. In either of the cases the need for Wikipedia is now more than ever for people all around the world.

We use Wikipedia for information on a daily basis without even realizing it. Most of the search results that we use from search engines are usually the ones that are belonging to Wikipedia. In fact top five to ten search results on any topic are usually from Wikipedia.  

Methods of creating Wiki pages:

Even if you are not one of the professional Wikipedia writers or page creators who create wiki pages on an everyday basis, you can also learn to create wiki pages using very easy methods by yourself. These simple methods are as follows:

The first method – searching method: This is one of the simplest way of creating a Wikipedia page that anyone can use to create a Wiki page themselves. So, basically all you have to do in this method is to enter a certain title in the search bar of Wikipedia. If you have entered a title that doesn’t exist on Wikipedia already then you will be showed or told that the certain titled page does not exist and the platform will ask you to create the page yourself and also it will be giving you a red link which you can use to create a page on the platform. 

The second method – The preview method: There are four steps to this method. The first step is to choose the edit option on any page that you can access. Step two is to put double square brackets before and after your page title. Step three is to opt for the “show preview” option and finally step four is to click on the revealed red colored link.