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Ways To Choose The Right Explainer Video For Your Business

por animation studio (2020-02-07)

Explainer animated video has a widespread online reach. These videos can be uploaded on any social media platform specially on Facebook where it attains a huge audience. Animated videos are very likely to get viral due to the appeal incorporated in them through motion graphics. The perfect combination of voice over, animation with color and a deep story in the context together make it a successful attempt to increase the appeal of your business in the tough online market.

To choose the right type of explainer video all you have to do is to go through the following mentioned aspects.

Purpose Of Your Video

The first aspect is to ponder on the aspects of your video. You have to see what goals you want to achieve through the video and what the aims you have with your business. If your targets are to increase the productivity at a much larger scale, the best type to go with should be a 3D animated video or a live-action. If you do not want to set up a huge investment project then the second-best option is to try a 2D animated video or a whiteboard video maker.

Ponder On Your Investments

While selecting an animated video type you have to check the investments. If you got a huge bank, you can go for an animated video type. Secondly, you have to ponder on the video requirements. If you want to add a number of characters in them it will definitely charge you a lot. So, take into consideration all of these aspects.


If you want to upload your videos on social media platforms, you have to make sure that the duration is not more than a minute or two long. Therefore, the best type of video would be a whiteboard animation video as these videos will not charge much and their duration can be kept small to deliver the message. However, in the 3D animated video, there is usually a detailed story to be told so the videos are normally long.