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A high-risk paedophile released into the community admitted to authorities that he was having urges to 'grab a young girl'

por Erin Lambrick (2020-03-26)

A high-risk paedophile released into the community admitted to authorities that he was having urges to 'grab a young girl'.

image.php?image=b17eva075.jpg&dl=1Brian Alan Bowdidge, 59, was given a four-year supervision order with 47 strict living conditions in December.

The order came after several concerning incidents indicated to a judge that the intellectually-disabled man - who lives in Sydney - remains a threat to the public.

Months earlier, during the July school holidays, Bowdidge told a psychiatrist that he is 'triggered by schoolchildren walking past his residence' and felt he was unable to leave his house without considering abusing more children.

Brian Alan Bowdidge was hit with a four-year-supervision order last year, 15 months after being released on parole, after revealing he was having urges to 'grab a young girl' (stock image)

'I won't be going out much for the next two weeks… it is school holidays', he said, according to Corrective Services notes viewed by the Daily Telegraph. 

'It's safer if I stay home.'  

The father-of-two has committed a string of sexual offences against children spanning more than 20 years.  

In 1980, Bowdidge, then aged 20, took a five-year-old girl into a male toilet at Shoalhaven hospital and molested her, later telling police he 'just felt like it'.  

Eleven years later he was convicted of sexual intercourse with an intellectually disabled nine-year-old girl and, in 2001, he was sentenced to three years behind bars for raping an eight-year-old girl. If you have any sort of questions relating to where and how you can utilize Book A Tour, you could contact us at the site.  

Since he was last released on parole in September 2018, Bowdidge has been accused of peeping through windows and other inappropriate behaviour while staying in assisted housing facilities and motels in Sydney. 





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Documents released by the Supreme Court reveal Bowdidge requested to go on anti-libidinal medication and see prostitutes last year after having 'unhealthy' sexual thoughts. 

A second psychologist reported that adult men and women have now become his sexual targets as a result of his strict supervision measures, with Bowdidge accused of repeatedly groping a women in his Alcoholics Anonymous group. 

At December's hearing, Justice Peter Hamill said Bowdidge had breached previous orders multiple times since 2011, proving that he poses a risk if not monitored.  

Under the new conditions, Bowdidge is banned from work, travel, or places frequented by children unless he is granted permission and accompanied. 

Bowdidge was living in a halfway house in Long Bay jail (pictured) until May last year

He can be frisked and his house raided at any time, and he can not change his appearance without approval.  

A psychologist report stated that it is unclear if he has the ability to comprehend all the restrictions that have been imposed. 

Bowdidge left a halfway house in Long Bay jail last May to move into independent accommodation.

Earlier this week, a family in Smithfield, in Western Sydney, told the Sunday Telegraph that Bowdidge had moved into their street. 


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