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Amazing Feature Of The Shareit App

por develop applike (2020-02-06)

If you have just heard of the Shareit app and you are still wondering if you should download it or not, we have brought for the amazing features of this app to help you decide. One thing that we can say about this app is that, you will love the features once you download the app, as it can be a blessing for people who find the file and data sharing between the phones very hard.

After years of research and development, about how to share files between devices, experts came up with the secret, that told them how to create mobile app like shareit and they started working on it to make the file sharing easier than ever before.

Here are some amazing features of the shareit app to make your life and file sharing convenient:

  1. Sharing is faster than Bluetooth

The file sharing through Bluetooth takes a lot of time. However, sharing your file through this app can make it 200 times faster than the Bluetooth sharing.

  1. Online videos

You can discover infinite online videos, it is not only a file sharing app but it also allows you to entertain yourself. It allows you to stream thousands of online videos just as you do over YouTube.

  1. Online Music

It allows the users to stream the music online just as you do on sound cloud.

  1. Supports all types of files

It supports all types of files, which include audio, video, images, documents, etc.

  1.  Cross-platform app

It is a cross-platform app, which means it is supported by various operating systems. It is accessible for all types of devices, which include:

  • Android
  • IPhone
  • Mac
  • Windows
  • PC

This special allows you to share files between all kinds of devices, which specially solves the apple users’ file sharing problems.