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Marion is undoubtedly an entertaining teen who enjoys cookery ~ A Biography ~ Marion Christiana Slaughterhouse is actually a 18-calendar year-outdated teenager who enjoys cookery, ferret racing and badminton. She's entertaining and vibrant, but can also be extremely evil and a bit standoffish. She is French who defines herself as bisexual. She failed to finish school. She is allergic to milk. Bodily, Marion is slightly overweight but in any other case in good condition. She is brief with brown pores and skin, gray hair and black eyes. She grew up inside a Operating class neighbourhood. Immediately after her father died when she was younger, she was raised by her mom She's at this time inside of a connection with Nettie Jade Younger. Nettie is identical age as her and functions as being a college student. Marion's ally can be a teen known as Harvey Thompson. They're inseparable. She also hangs all around with Judith Simmons and Felix Simpson. They love football jointly.

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