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Robert Phil Wishmonger is often a sixty one-year-aged wellness centre receptionist who enjoys cookery, donating blood and spreading correct-wing propoganda. He is energetic and supplying, but can also be extremely unintelligent and a bit lazy. He is an Afghan Muslim who defines himself as bisexual. He incorporates a diploma in medicine. He incorporates a extreme phobia of cats Bodily, Robert is just not in terrific condition. He has to shed Rather a lot of fat. He is extremely shorter with pale pores and skin, white hair and brown eyes. He has an unusually prolonged nose. He grew up in an higher class neighbourhood. After his father died when he was young, he was lifted by his mom He's at the moment within a connection with Heath Jayden Scott. Heath is nine a long time more mature than him and functions being an electrician. Robert has two little ones with boyfriend Heath: Katrina aged seventeen and Laura aged 20. Robert's best friend is often a wellbeing centre receptionist identified as Anastasia Reed. They get on properly more often than not. They love listening to new music alongside one another.

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