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Robert Phil Wishmonger is actually a 61-year-old wellbeing centre receptionist who enjoys cookery, donating blood and spreading appropriate-wing propoganda. He is energetic and supplying, but may also be very unintelligent as well as a little bit lazy. He can be an Afghan Muslim who defines himself as bisexual. He includes a diploma in medicine. He has a significant phobia of cats Bodily, Robert isn't in excellent form. He really should shed Quite a bit of excess weight. He is rather shorter with pale skin, white hair and brown eyes. He has an unusually extensive nose. He grew up in an upper class neighbourhood. Following his father died when he was younger, he was lifted by his mother He is at present within a romance with Heath Jayden Scott. Heath is nine a long time older than him and performs being an electrician. Robert has two small children with boyfriend Heath: Katrina aged seventeen and Laura aged twenty. Robert's ally is a health and fitness centre receptionist known as Anastasia Reed. They get on well usually. They delight in listening to new music jointly.

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