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Due to the drawbacks of magnesium wheel care and maintenance, custom wheels crafted for the general public are usually made of more easily cared for chrome plated steel, polished aluminum, or painted aluminum. One of the patterns in customized wheels today is to set up oversize wheels, up to 22" or more. The easiest method to accommodate a taller wheel is to change to a lower profile tire so that the overall height of the wheel and tire package stays the very same as in the past. For performance customizers who have actually installed aftermarket brakes on their vehicles, different estimations have actually to be made for backspace and balanced out, the measurements for how much area there is between the wheel centerline and the body of the cars and truck and how to offset the centerline of the wheel is from the installing plate. Not only can you see and compare real wheels side-by-side, but you are also ensured that the terrific -looking tire and wheel package you end up with is one that will work effectively (read securely) with your car.