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Tristan is a gentle scholar who enjoys repressing minorities ~ A Biography ~ Tristan Richard Platt is a twenty five-yr-aged scholar who enjoys repressing minorities, baking and upcycling. He's gentle and entertaining, but can even be extremely unfriendly and also a bit unintelligent. He is surely an English Hindu who defines himself as pansexual. He's at this time at higher education. He's a vegan. Physically, Tristan will not be in excellent shape. He needs to get rid of Quite a bit of pounds. He's average-height with walnut skin, brown hair and brown eyes. He grew up inside of a Operating course neighbourhood. He was raised by his father, his mother getting remaining when he was young. He is at present single. His newest romance was by using a lab assistant identified as Darius Dominic Webb, who was 19 several years more mature than him. They broke up mainly because Tristan wished to be with someone who laughed at more of his wished to be with anyone jokes. Tristan's ally is often a scholar known as Sierra Owen. They can be inseparable. He also hangs all around with Trinity Hope and Wendy Wood. They get pleasure from taking part in movie video games jointly.

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