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After a pump is in place and connected to the selected water outlet, then all that is needed is an electrical outlet so that the sump pump can be plugged in. Electric sump pumps can instantly find when the water levels are too high and as soon as the float reaches a specific point the pumping process begins. It is paradoxical, though, that many pump designs require electrical power to work when it is typically heavy storms that do enough damage to power lines in order to produce blackouts, thereby nullifying any possible efficiency of the sump pump during the times it is most needed. Primary pump detection systems are generally developed to keep track of just water levels, whereas backup pump systems are designed to keep track of both water levels and whether the main pump is running or not before it turns itself on and begins pumping water out of your sump. Reactivating your sump pump at this phase may even prove to be a hazardous undertaking, specifically if your pump is of a style that is not implied to work while submerged, not to mention the expense in damages to not just your basement however also to whatever products of value you have saved there.