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Not knowing the principles of Spelling and grammar It Appears clear, but it is not: to win a Search Engine Optimization competition you Need to know how to compose. Come on, the basics: putting letters together in line with the principles of grammar and combining words with meaning. Many, many, present stories full of flaws. Tildes? Comas? Pa' what? And because the jury isn't there to decipher hieroglyphics, they are removed without contemplation. When you are a jury and you've got over fifty tales That don't obey the principles and, moreover, are full of flaws, you do not know if to laugh or cry. Between the unfulfilled bases as well as the faults, a sizable part Of the participants are left from this contest. Those who pass the first sieve belong to a minority. But that's when things become complicated... STYLISTIC ERRORS 3. Not focusing of fashion A good author is one who explains the complicated with simple words. Whereas a bad writer, or inexperienced writer, is a person who tries to show off with a verbiage filled with grandiloquent words. They reload the paragraphs in this manner that it is almost impossible to understand what the story is all about. I am sorry to say that in the event that you make that mistake along with the jury should pick up a dictionary to accompany you, they won't believe you're too clever, they will think you're overly pedantic and dull. However, you don't need to go to another extreme : Simple does not mean easy. A story that does not have these stylistic mistakes makes the difference. Therefore, one of the most essential steps before submitting your story to a search engine optimization contest is to spend a good deal of time adjusting your style, so that the words that remain are just and essential. You do not know just how much the jury will thank you for this. STRUCTURAL ERRORS

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