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Testing Prometheus air rifle pellets, well bars quite kindly arm donated these pellets to me so I’m incredibly thankful for that and I’ll write-up a hyperlink to his channel in a video description picture quite a bit of people who enjoy my films also watches but if not all contain back links you recognize yrs so these are typically Prometheus pellets and they’re rather interesting due to the fact you can find not LED I examine their metal form of heads using a plastic skirt so see sizing-wise it’s concerning the exact same dimension of the we Magnum a bit thinner but fat intelligent it’s not very just as much as I’m a bit slim Agnon and you'll see check out some case Spitfires little as compared so I’m planning to do a ballistic gel test 1 psychic wire some powdered jelly and every little thing and a few good containers to type it in but for the meantime of what we could do a number of our typical tests I Typically do after which you can what we’ll be able to see is is this prometheus as it’s a little bit lighter compared to the busines magnum and since it’s a steel hea

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