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Is Learning The Qur’an Online Really Helpful – Learn Qur’an Online Learning the Qur’an online has proven to be the best way for millions of Muslim across the globe to get a deeper connection with the teachings of the Qur’an. Online Qur’an Classes has made it easy for young Muslims to go from learning basic vocabulary to becoming Hafiz al Qur’an. Can you learn Qur’an Online? Qur’an 51:55, Allah subhanahuwata’ala says, “And remind, for indeed, the reminder benefits the believers”. Learning the Qur’an is making Muslims getting to understand their religion – Islam better and safer especially with the stigma associated with being Muslim or practicing Islam in public. The world is becoming technological inclined and online tutoring has been helping students across the globe live their dream of becoming who and what they want to be. Online Qur’an Classes have motivated children and families to study the Qur’an in a more flexible environment – the internet. So the question as to whether you or another Muslims can effectively study the Qur’an without a teacher sitting in front of you with the Qur’an to teach you how the Arabic alphabet combines together to form the syllabus, intonation so that you can get the actual meaning from reading it. For example, the Arabic alphabet is made of 29 alphabets, each sound different depending on the position of the stroke. The position of the stroke on the alphabet changes the sound of the alphabet and where it is located in the word also matters. Taking the first letter as an example, Alif, with the dash (fatha) is above, it sounds like /a/, with the dash (kasra) underneath, sound /e/ and with the other symbol (9 or a damma), the sound becomes /u/. So the Alif becomes /a/, /e/ and /u/ and it goes for every alphabet in the Arabic literature. When you consider these little changes, then one is doubtful whether there are qualified teachers that can effectively teach Qur’an online especially if Arabic is not the student first language of the learner. Learning the Qur’an with Tajweed Tajweed is Arabic for how to pronounce the alphabet correctly as mentioned using the first letter of the Arabic alphabet – Alif. Without the correct pronunciations, it will be like reading an English book silently, nobody cares how it sounds. The Qur’an, however, is not just meant to be read but to be read properly. Only then can the true meaning and essence of the wording and their impartation influence the life of the reader. Now that you know what Tajweed is let’s move on. Why is Tajweed essential when learning the Qur’an Online? When parents or students decide to attend, learn Qur’an online, they start from the basic, which is Tajweed and Makharij. Makharij is how the sounds are articulated so that the words appear correct; some words get their power from the base of the throat like the /Kha/ or the nostril like the /ain/ and so forth. Together Tajweed and Makharij will give you the student learning the Qur’an an authentic feel of the book as you learn how to apply the sound and intonation properly. Soon you will begin to recite the Qur’an accurately and fluidly. What to remember There will be lots of mistake for new students, and it might be tiring at some point, but it is what makes reciting the Qur’an an experience to enjoy. Before you think that Tajweed and Makharij are too difficult, listen to this; According to A’ishah, May Allah be pleased with her, who reported the sayings of the Prophet (May peace be upon him), one who is gifted in the Qur’an is associated with the noble, upright righteous angles and one who falters in it and finds it difficult with have a double reward”. Saheeh Muslim This goes without saying that as long as you are keen to learn the Qur’an whether online or with a private personal teacher, you get rewarded for trying to learn and even more for your mistake until you become a Hafiz. What is the difference between Tajweed and Makharij? Tajweed helps your recites the Surahs (the chapters of the Qur’an) effectively while Makharij deals with how to combine each alphabet and articulate it properly to make the Surahs not only sound better but meaningful to the readers and listeners. Once you have your Tajweed and Makharij classes done, you will find that it is easy to learn Qur’an Online. So if you are ready to start your online Qur’an classes, you will enjoy the flexibility, excellent tutors with experience to start you from the beginning in all categories – recitation or memorization. Tips to consider when choosing online Qur’an Classes According to Sahih Bukhari who reports that the Prophet (SallaAllahuAlayhiwaSallam) said, “there are two blessings which people lose: health and free time for doing good.” When we hear of people studying the Qur’an online, you are immediately taken aback on how are they doing it properly or if the student will make any intelligent progress especially when tutoring kids and older people. It will please you to know that there are excellent online Qur’an classes that will not only teach but ensure you understand the basis of the Arabic language to help you understand the Qur’an better on your own or with other Arabic literature like the Hadith. Tip to bear in mind when learning Qur’an Online Difficulties will arise – you will have a slight advantage of understanding the Qur’an faster when you understand the Arabic language, but that doesn’t mean its smooth sailing. For online teachers and students alike, we understand that the computer can be a bit fiddly for some, but don’t let minor obstacle deter you from pushing ahead. Don’t learn for selfish reasons Don’t join the class for a negative intention – Allah knows all your Niyyah, and judges you accordingly. The Qur’an is a way of removing you from ignorance. So learn the passages to lead a holy life as stipulated in the holy book. For the teacher, remember that your student can be anyone, so be patient and keep the words of the prophet (PBUH) as reported by Abu Hurairah, “whoever is asked about the knowledge that he has, and he conceals it, will be bridled on the Day of Resurrection with reins of fire.” Hadith No 266, Sunan Ibn e Majah. Search for a Reputable Online Class It is not just okay to go online and start learning. The Qur’an says he Allah (SWT) wants to do good to; he gives understanding to them. Prior to any online Qur’an class, perform du’as during your salat that Allah (SWT) should open your heart and purify it so that you will get a good one and understand it too. The Qur’an was revealed through angel Jibrail (AS) taught to the Prophet (PBUH) and in turn, he educated his companions. The tradition has always been that of a teacher and a student despite the different sects. However, when you get a good online Qur’an class with good teachers stick to them and open your heart to learn. Learn with the Qur’an and take notes Even when the prophet (PBUH) taught his companions, they took notes to enable them to remember the lessons of the day. Although the classes are online, always have your Qur’an and a notepad with you; it will help you to remember what is been taught. It is nice to also get all the necessary literature to ease learning. For non-Arabic speakers, starting with the basic alphabets and how to combine them is great. Enjoy Mutual Respect For the student, never look down or misbehave just because your teacher is online. Whether you are using Skype, Facebook, Whatsapp or any other online tutoring medium; remember that Islam is humility. If you are late, missed a class or assignment, apologize and explain to the teachers. Don’t misuse the opportunity that you are seeking knowledge to disturb them, keep in mind the time zone and their other life commitments too. Whether you are a teacher or a student, learning the Qur’an online is a fun and interesting experience for everyone. Who needs online Qur’an classes? • Young kids and children in foreign countries with no access to a Qur’an teacher • Families who want to study the Qur’an together • Old parents that want to learn how to recite the Qur’an especially in their spare time • Students who participate in Qur’an competition that need a personal tutor Why Online Qur’an Classes are the best way to learn Qur’an Online? Online Qur’an classes are indispensable, and with more people having access to intricate technology, there should be nothing stopping you from learning the Qur’an. If you are on the fence about online Qur’an classes, below are some reasons why you should invest in online Qur’an learning today. Learning in the comfort of your home Whether you were traveling for your Qur’anic lesson or going around the corner, online classes have taken that stress off your shoulder. It has also created a safer and calmer condition where Muslim races across the globe can learn with fear or prejudice online. It also becomes easier for parents to monitor their kids and young adults to ensure that they are following the classes meticulously with rapt attention. A better and interesting way of learning the Qur’an The conventional way of teaching the Qur’an were little kids sitting on a mat or bare floor with the Qur’an opened in front of them, and the teacher sitting on a higher platform with a wooden cane or whip to correct the students when they make a mistake? This will make some students scared, and not comprehend the class but with unlike online Qur’an classes, the tutor uses latest e-teaching methods to make the Arabic language interesting thereby incorporating the Qur’an teaching so that it student assimilate faster and smoother. Affordable Fees Enrolling your child in an Islamic school or institute is a long process with little fees that are required for the registration process. The process also includes presenting modes of identification and documentation, but with online classes, all you need is to feel the form, and you are good to start. Secondly,

Is Learning The Qur’an Online Really Helpful – Learn Qur’an Online