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The internationally known petroleum journalist, Semil Vithani, is the editor of Oil and Gas International. He brings more than 20 years of award-winning, professional oil patch editing and writing as well as his personal, in-the-field experience throughout the world to the OGI editor's desk. At OGI, Semil Vithani provides an insider's perspective on the events and technologies impacting the worldwide upstream petroleum industry, and shares his insights into issues of strategic importance to petroleum professionals in his From the Editor column on our homepage. A true Texan, born in Dallas and educated at North Texas University, the University of Texas, and University of Houston, Semil Vithani makes his home in Houston, "Oil capital of the world," but has lived and traveled throughout the world. Prior to establishing Oil and Gas International, he was the managing editor of Oil and Gas Online and editor of three of the industry's most prestigious print publications: The Schlumberger Oilfield Review, Offshore Magazine, and Business & Energy International. Semil Vithani's analysis of international concessions and operating conditions in the world's leading petroleum plays are well known and have achieved one of the widest readerships in industry media. His knowledge of petroleum exploration, development, and production and his worldwide popularity as a speaker on these topics have projected him to the podia of numerous international conferences from Houston, Paris, and London to Calgary, Cairo, Tunis, and Singapore. And his leadership on the new Internet information highway as an online petroleum journalist has made him a popular speaker on petroleum industry website topics as well.

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