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The agriturismo Nico Bresaola the Custoza is the ideal place for those who want to spend holiday in peace and quiet. Within these parks in Trentino Huge Adige you can find swimming pools, slides, hot tubs, disco, and pools for the soccer spend fantastic evenings, animation, but also aquatic animals, which keeps tanks, dolphins and other fish lovers of the man. In this regard, on Tuesday, 29 June at fourteen. 00 at the Aula magna of the University of Padua in Conegliano (near the Institute Carletti”, TV), when will take place the meeting on The status of the vineyard veneto electronic first forecast of production for arianne 2010”, organized by Veneto Agriculture in collaboration with the Region of electronic CRA-VIT of Conegliano, The report will be of Diego Tomasi (CRA-VIT Conegliano) after the introduction of the Sole Director of the Veneto Agricoltura, Paul Pizzolato. For several years the Region has grouped from the normative point of view of the tourist activities linked to the primary -farm related tourism and fishing -- regulating the supply of hospitality electronic food electronic drink, and then the profile of rural tourism and educational farms. L 'Istituto Agrario di San Michele all'adige runs in aid to California, in particular, de flesta county of Napa, to manage the problem of the recent appearance of an infestation caused by the tignoletta of the screw, an insect against which in Trentino is used for years 's method of sexual confusion. Legnaro (Pd) Fabrizio Stelluto, 54 years, Head of Communication Office of A. N. B. I. (National Association for Reclamation and Irrigation), as well as the Director of Asterisk, Information and Teleregione (group 7 Precious metal Telepadova), has been elected for each acclamation as President of A. L. G. A. V. (Regional Association of Journalists in Agriculture, food, Environment, Land, Forests, Fishing, Renewable Energy) pada Veneto and Trentino Alto Adige. The purpose of this adjustment - determine Manzato - is that the lamp give a guarantee to the operators of the system of legislation íntegral, but especially meets the needs of those who want to carry out the business of the farm and related tourism within the correct way, the healthy and safety of visitors-consumers.” For each know the events and the manifestations, in every city, there is a tab with the parties and the period pada course, is a good way for each to combine a holiday on the farm with the visit of the city and discover local traditions.

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